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November 01, 2006

Woz Outtakes


Steve O’Hear traveled to America in 2004 with two friends in order to document life in Silicon Valley. The end result is a DVD that he’s selling called In Search of the Valley.

It contains interviews of people like John Warnock (Adobe), Andy Hertzfeld (Macintosh programming whiz), Woz, Craig Newmark (Craig’s List) Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media), and me. Steve provided me with outtakes of his interview with Woz that are not on the DVD. In this footage he discusses growing up in Silicon Valley, the Homebrew Computer Club, and starting Apple. Click here to see this special footage.

If you’re interested in buying the DVD, you can save $2 by using the following promotional code: S5QQVYBV.


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I agree with John. Woz seems to give Markkula full credit for the vision of where the company could go. Brewer, I have to wonder if you watched the whole video. That segment gave Mike credit for business insight that neither of the Steve's had. - Tim

To be fair, Woz does give Markkula his fair due. It's rare for the Woz to be criticized for his ego. You might have confused your Steves!

It's great footage. The documentary itself seems very promising from seeing this alone.

Very facinating material how it describes the mindscape when electonics projects were new and the idea of letting people own their own computers was born. Too bad Woz only exceedingly briefly mentions the the third, silent, "equal partner" of Apple, Mike___? You would think that the creation of a fulcrum to move the world being vision to see a 500 Million company possibility would be important to Woz. Too bad ego gets in the way as he can't give this guy who financed Apple more mention. Two guys in a garage is more exciting than someone believing in uncharted territory and putting 250,000.00 on the table back in the 70's at 100% risk. Without Mike, Woz might still be puttering around in his garage reading about another guy Gates doing exciting things on the other side of town.

Hi Steve,

Speaking as a documentary film maker (I've made a 71 minutes festival screened documentary), your Woz outtakes are just amazing. If these are your outtakes, I can imagine how amazing your documentary may look. Of course, Woz is always amazing. (smile)

Good luck and all the best on the sales of the DVD.


No plans to sell a downloadable version as yet. We've looked at various offerings - like Unbox etc and Brightcove looks interesting - but the Windoze DRM is kind of crippling. If we do go down this route we will announce it on our website.

The DVD is your best bet - it's multiregion too.

- Steve

Thanks for the special footage. Besides the DVD, will it be uploaded into any online media store?

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