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March 23, 2006

Technorati 100

I made the Technorati 100 today. Thanks, everyone, for your linking, comments, and evangelism! I only need 5,000 more sites to link to be in the top ten! (This is a picture of David Sifry, Technorati's CEO, giving me a tshirt to commemorate breaking into the top 100.)



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Right on, Guy! Count me as one who added a link to you from http://www.ebayjournal.com. I mentioned your upcoming appearance at eBay live in my eBay podcast. See you there!

I linked your site, good luck on your technorati ratings. I was pleased to see you mentioned in "All Marketers are Liars" which I read while I was in Rome. Thanks again for taking the time to talk to me.

Congrats! The Art of the Blog done well.

Thanks for a terrific site.

Congrats! The Art of the Blog done well.

Thanks for a terrific site.

buck up!

Congrats GK...


Congrats Guy,

glad my prediction of feb 23rd, (you being in technorati's top 100 within a month or two) came true


on Feb 23rd you had 3,082 links from 1,567 sites to your blog in Technorati.

One month and a week later you've doubled the links in technorati and nearly doubled the sites 6,094 links from 2,809 sites

So in about 4-6 months, I'll see you in the top 10

wat can I say but congrats. Its great to see a nice blog from a successful man like you.

I just added a link to this site after religiously reading it for 2 months now.

Good luck with your technorati quest, and keep the good entries rolling ;)

How many do you need to win the cool clock-radio?

Congrats there Guy,

I just picked up a copy of your book. I'm looking forward to reading it and putting up a review on my site.

Congrats Guy! I have been enjoying your blog for quite sometime now but had not linked it. Did it just now, hope you make it to the top ten.

Wow, that’s amazing. I linked you when I first found out about your blog. I need a few tens of thousands to catch up to you!

Added. Here's hoping you hit the top ten.

Okay, add one more to the list, Guy. I linked to you from www.thisweekilearned.com.

Thanks for all you do!

Bill Hood

Congratulations Guy! I've enjoyed following your blog daily and appreciate the content you pump out as well as your consistently positive message. As a side note, I was one of the lucky few to be sitting in the audience of your PALY speech (as a graduating senior) and have been doing my best to heed your advice ever since.

Congratulations Guy! You are the best! (after me, of course)...Now, you will need only 4,999 more site links to be in the top ten! From Argentina, Eduardo.

Congrats Guy! I hope to meet you at eBay Live in Las Vegas. Perhaps you can discuss methods for evangelizing a small startup eBay Trading Assistant company like mine.

You uberblogger you! Good on ya :-). I have to say it's one of the first things I read before doing anything else in the morning because the insights have never failed to help me to do better - whether it's the job, my start-up or just life in general. As it was pointed out below, you rock GK!

Congratulations Guy! That's an amazing feat you've pulled off, wish I could do the same!!!

I picked up on your blog via Yaro's website, and immediately added to my Bloglines! Keep up the good work!

Guy - yes, the earlier Latin *is* a mouthful. You could always try "vera veritas" or "veritas veritatis" - the latter is more what you're up to, distilling long experience into small potent units.


I think on your tombstone (hopefully no time soon), you should have inscribed "Here lies Guy Kawasaki. He didn't &^%$ around." Your blog is overwhelmingly good. Time will be the true test of course, but you are hands down a master of this medium. 0 to T100 in 3 months? No freakin way!

Not surprising. Its an excellent site. You have important stuff to say and the skill to put it across well. I particularly like your "10 points" approach and have used it myself several times. Good luck on getting to Top 10. Watch your rear-view mirror, though - I'm right behind you (well actually a couple of hundred thousand behind you but watch this space!)


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