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March 16, 2011

FAQ: How to Autograph a Book

  • Question: When you autograph a book, what does your message say?

    Answer: It says “Resisting you is futile.”

  • Question: Why do write this?

    Answer: Because I want my readers to feel good about themselves.

  • Question: Why do you sign the cover?

    Answer: There are three reasons. First, it saves me lots of time by not having to open the book. Second, and more important, the main purpose of getting an autograph is to show others that you know the author, so having the autograph on the cover makes this much more obvious. Third, it helps readers meet people because the autograph is a good way to start a conversation: “How did you get his autograph? What does it say?”

  • Question: What if I lose the cover?

    Answer: Please don’t, but I can send you another one.

  • Question: Won’t this make the book less collectible?

    Answer: My goal is to sell millions of copies, so there’s no point in collecting it. If anything, the unsigned ones will be valuable someday because I’ve signed so many of the first run.

  • Question: What kind of pen do you use?

    Answer: I use a fine-point, black Sharpie. After several signings, I’ve figured out that signing 200 books causes the point to become too broad, and my writing becomes truly illegible.

  • Question: How can I get an autographed copy?

    Answer: My favorite local bookstore, Kepler’s, can take care of you here. Every few days, I stop into the store and sign the books that are ordered. The order form says U. S. only, but if you send an email to Enchantment@keplers.com, you can make arrangements to have the autographed copy sent almost anywhere in the world.

Reluctance is futile. Buy Enchantment now.


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